How it work


Our Unique Services

Dillira bundle

Diligence token will be converted to airtime & internet bundle.


Diligence token will easily be converted to mobile money.


Diligence token will be used to cover costs offered by service providers like supermarkets, restaurants & night clubs.

how it work

Diligence Ecosystem

We are creating a platform which will enable to obtain the real data, in real time and from the actual people. The platform will reduce the cost of undergoing a research and 60% of the clients’ money will go direct to the consumer.

During early stage 5,040,000 reserve tokens will be used as incentives to platform users and as the reserve come to an end the 60% of clients’ money will be used to purchase some amount of diligence (iRA) from the listed exchange for them to be used as reward in the IRA platform.


Buy Token

You can buy Our token from listed exchange

Diligence App

Diligence wallet will be on app across platform soon.

  • to improve performance.
  • creativity.
  • and easily acces


Quarter 2:2018

Idea & research stage

Quarter 3:2018

Team development

Quarter 4:2018

Lauching of Diligence (Airdrop & Pre-sale)

Quarter 1:2019

ICO stage one & two

Quarter 2:2019

Platform development & Exchange listing

Quarter 3:2019

Apps development & project implementation

Quarter 4:2019

Project development

Quarter 1:2020

Partnership with organizations to undergo their researches



Obote Juma


Holder of Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Process Engineering.


Richard Charles


holder of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.


Mambo J Mambo

Marketing and Liaison Officer

holder of Masters in Information Studies.


Swinn Mtiesa

Graphic Designer

holder of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.


Sebastian D Meshi


holder of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.


Jackson Sanga

Software developer

holder of Bachelor of Science Computer Science Software Engineering.


Omari hussein


holder of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.

Distribution of tokens

Use of proceeds


Is a Token used to reward the iRA (Incentive Research Africa) platform users for their participation in our online surveys.
Diligence token is an ERC20 token which will be used to recognize the efforts made by the community in the iRA platform. The platform users of the Incentive Research Africa will be awarded with Diligence token.
This is an airtime and internet bundles that will be given by service providers to iRA users as rewards for their participation in the iRA platform.
Is a service from Diligence/iRA platform whereby iRA platform users are paid through conventional mobile money service providers such as M-pesa, Tigo-pesa, Airtel-pesa etc.The payments are made as incentive due to usage of iRA platform.Users exchange their Diligence Tokens into their country's currency.
Is a service provided by Diligence/iRA platform for users who can get service from various service providers such as super markets, restaurants and night clubs by using their Diligence Tokens they have in their digital wallets.
This is an abbreviation for Incentive Research Africa;which is an online platform where users get paid for filling/completing various online surveys.

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